Here are some of the records we've helped engineer:

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  Coming soon: Silver Sunshine, The Shut-Ups new album, The Late BP Helium's full-length and more.
Happy Happy Birthday to Me Volume 3  (HHBTM) 

Thirty songs by artists like The Orchid Pool, 63 Crayons, The Love Letter Band, Elekibass, Poison Control Center, and, like, twenty-five more.  One of the best twee/psych compilations I've ever heard.  Includes Casper & the Cookies' cover of the Phoebe Snow song "Harpo's Blues".  Mastered at Bel*Air, three tracks recorded here, too.  

The Visitations  Propaganda  (self-released) 

The first Visitations record was a concept record that sounded like it was recorded on the moon (in a really good way).  This one is POLITICAL and rockin'.  Perfect for your next ABB party.   Recorded at Bel*Air and elsewhere. 

Men in Fur  (HHBTM) 

Mastered at Bel*Air.  Folky new wave songs about animals.  If you dig the synth-heavy side of Magnetic Fields, you'll love this.  

Charm School Tomorrow is Today (self-released) 

Atlanta four piece showcasing the songwriting talents of Mary O.  This record should be called Charm School 2: The Rockening because they figured out how to be their left-of-center selves in the context of crunchy guitars, melodic bass and heavy drums.   Recorded completely at Bel*Air.  

Casper & the Cookies Oh!  (HHBTM) 

My band.  We slaved over this one for more than two years.  See our website for more information.  

63 Crayons  Good People  (HHBTM) 

Roanoke ex-pat's do good.  Their worst review began with the analogy  'toybox on cocaine'.  Yes.  But drugs are not enough to describe the complex psychedelic spazz-rock that these Crayons are putting down.  These guys were so much fun to record that I convinced them to move to Athens!  

Ceiling Fan  Hot Streets   (Imperial Fuzz) 

At last!  The pride of Athens has finally released their second album.  Power-trio rock music that doesn't play by the rules.  Recorded at the old facility and Chase Park Transduction.  

Marshmallow Coast Antistar (Misra Records) 

The sessions for this record were so relaxing, the arrangements among the most well-developed I've recorded, and yet it was recorded very quickly.   Sara's flute is a welcome addition to the MC sound.  Andy's fantastic guitar playing and hypnotically beautiful songwriting deserve more attention!  Maybe now that he's not a member of The Music Tapes or Of Montreal, media folks will hear the fresh, original style that's been their all along.  

PPR  s/t  (independent release) 

These guys came in and recorded over an hour of material in two days.  This release features the guitar-based tracks they recorded here.  (There were a couple of interesting keyboard-based tracks that they're still holding onto.)  They closest comparison for the sound of this record is the Hampton Grease Band minus  Col. Bruce.  They don't fit neatly into a genre, but take disparate influences and  crunch them into their own sound.  

IT LIVES!  (independent release)  

Top-notch punk rock from another one of Alex Gural's great bands that records an EP and breaks up.  You damn kids stop sabotaging the scene!  Another marathon session, the basic and guitar and vocal overdubs were completed in one day.  Alex took the tracks home, overdubed more stuff and mixed it.  

Cyndi Harvell Band   Moons and Muses  (independent release)

Cyndi is a singer/songwriter in the vein of Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and early Jewel.  She is accompanied by Bronkar on drums, Anja on violin and ocasionally Carl on upright bass.  The trio/quartet lays down a tightly syncopated accompaniment to her tuneful,  intimate songwriting.  

The Dirty Projectors Slaves' Graves & Ballads (Western Vinyl)

Recorded in a variety of environments, including K Records' incredible facility, and mastered at Bel*Air.  Beautiful off-kilter ballads like Ron  Sexsmith with a side of Mayo Thompson.  The first half of the album is a gorgeous orchestral suite.  There are precious few records to compare.   

The Shut-Ups   It Hurts to be Seen  (Imperial Fuzz) 

Don Condescending's newest salvo of love on an uncaring, unworthy public.  This record was hard to make and worth every minute.  Recording began at Magic Foot, but the bulk was done at Bel*Air.  From the Shut-Ups website: "The album is full of exuberant pop anthems about sad stuff sung by people you can't trust."  Word.

The Monkey Power Trio  Almost Clear  (independent release)

The MPT is a group of five guys that have pledged to get together one day every year and record a record until they're all dead, and the last one will put out a solo record.  This is their eighth day/year as a band and their eighth record.  This was also the first session at Bel*Air's new facility, and why not.   

The Late BP Helium   Kumquat Mae (Orange Twin/ Hype City) 

Bryan Helium's first official solo outing is a five song ep that takes gigantic steps in establishing his identity away from Elf Power.  Intricate, bombastic, tuneful, loud, quiet... significant mood shifts that never feel forced, and songwriting that will make you wonder why he took so long to step out on his own.  Hype City

Fablefactory Freak Out Hard on You  (hhbtm) 

The looooooong-awaited sophomore lp has arrived!  Thirteen pop songs from the most brilliant and twisted minds in America today.  (or was it yesterday?)  You owe it to yourself to take a day off work and put this record on infinite repeat.   

Elf Power  Nothing's Going to Happen (Orange Twin)

A straight-up/ still slanted rockin' covers record!  Not in the liner notes, but the version of "Listening to the Higsons" was overdubbed, mixed and psychedelicized by Jason NeSmith and Bryan Helium at Magic Foot studio in 2001.  Buy it from Orange Twin.  

Fablefactory  We Won't Rock You (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) 

The mighty Fablefactory's odds 'n' sods compilation includes a few songs recorded by Jason at Bel Air for the following record, Freak Out Hard On You.  Check out the Fablefactory site and buy it for only $6 from the Happy Happy Birthday label.  


Kenny Howes & the Yeah! (Imperial Fuzz/ rereleased on Tall Boy Records))

The first and last record for this Atlanta, GA power pop sensation. Recorded by myself and David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction and Summerhouse Sound. It's good, folks. Find out how to get your copy at Imperial Fuzz. And of course, at Kenny's site.

The Yum Yum Tree Reverse Engines (independent release)

Lead by Andy Gish, this Atlanta band has been attracting attention with hard-edged pop that plays with dark and light imagery like a kid in a candy store. This is their debut album available in stores now and at


Charm School  Career Day ep (independent release)

They've long since outgrown their folk origins, and even this ep doesn't represent them well anymore.  Still, there are plenty of great songs to be found here.  They're in the process of recording their full-length debut, which promises to be a more complete statement AND more fun! 


The Shut-Ups (Lookit Meee! Records)

Don Condescending's debut LP under the Shut-Ups moniker. Released in Jan '01, it's full of great pop music and twisted lyrics. We expect the rest of the world to catch on in about 20 years. Get a head start and order it today.


Elf Power "The Winter Is Coming" (Sugar Free Records)

I engineered the track "The Naughty Villain". This record rocks! Go get it at now!


Love In Song: An Atlanta Tribute to Sir Paul McCartney (Demagogue Records)

Learn more about the record at www.demagogue.netTracks by Orange Hat ("Temporary Secretary"), Kenny Howes & the Yeah! ("Venus & Mars/ Rock Show") & the Indicators ("Junior's Farm") recorded by Jason at Magic Foot.


Ceiling Fan "Trick Music" (Big Lick Records)

The 1999 full-length from these Athens rock wizards was recorded and mixed (mostly) here at Magic Foot. "Por Ejemplo" appeared on the AthFest 2000 compilation disk from Ghostmeat Records. Purchase Trick Music from Purchase AthFest 2000 from


Orange Hat "On the 13th Floor" b/w "Temporary Secretary"  (Cringe Records)

The summer 2000 single from the Atlanta rock wizards was recorded, mixed and mastered at Magic Foot. Additional recording done at Purple Camel Lot. Not for sale, but I might give you one if you ask nicely!


 Orange Hat "Pufferfish"  (Cringe Records)

The 2000 full-length was partially recorded and mixed at MF. Mastered by Glen Schick. Additional recording done at Purple Camel Lot, Sonic Emporium & Rambo's Dungeon. Buy it at


Feyerabend "Clocktime Presupposes a Peculiar Spatial Machine"  (Shoeleg Records)

This underrated album from Decatur-based philosopher rock group led by David Dault (and including Kay Stanton and Jason from the Cookies) is still available by emailing me at I'll even tell you how to correctly pronounce the name of the group.