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Most websites would have honestly given up after twenty five months without an update.  But not me!  

What's been happening?  Um, lots.  Mostly with my band, Casper & the Cookies.  But when we haven't been out trawling American teen dollars, winning hearts, and eating pizza, I've been working with these folks: 

Engineering, producing and sometimes performing for an untitled album for ex-Charm School leader Mary O. Harrison and a new album for Keith John Adams, too.  

Engineering, mixing and (co-)producing Russian Spy Camera (You Are a Vulture, HHBTM), The Yum Yum Tree (untitled), The Shut-Ups (The Stud Album and an untitled follow up), The Lolligags (untitled ep) and Ghost Heart Snake.  

Engineering and mixing for Titans of Filth (Best Behavior ep, self-released).  

Engineering and I'm not sure what else for Bill Doss, Great Lakes (Diamond Times, Empyrian), and Cars Can Be Blue (All the Things We Do, HHBTM).

Mixing and mastering for Dogme 95 (The Reagle Beagle, Empyrian)

Mobile engineering for Stewart & Winfield (Lowcountry Blues, Catatonia) and Flash to Bang Time.  

Mastering for Silver Sunshine (s/t + A Small Pocket of Light, Empyrian), Verona Downs (Light Reaction, Empyrian), Ideal Free Distribution (self-titled, HHBTM), Keith John Adams (Pip, HHBTM), Zuno Men (People remaster, HHBTM), Elekibass (Welcome Wonderful World, HHBTM), The Golden Greats, and Ryan Anderson. 


So THAT's what I've been doing.  

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