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It's time for our YEAR END WRAP-UP.  

The year began and almost ended working on the David Dault & Thad Thompson project, and a good end to the year it would have been.  In between I had the pleasure of working with Bronkar & Cyndi on an album project prior to their moving to San Francisco.  Great Lakes began a new album, Soulstace 22 recorded several demos, Homeroom recorded a whole record, as did Visitations and The Shut-Ups.  Mary O Harrison dropped in to record a track for a film project. Ken Will Morton and Michelle Roche started some tracks, too.  The Yum Yum Tree worked on some demos.  And let's not forget The Late BP Helium whose album was completed here!  Ryan Anderson from Bi-Fi Records sent some tracks to mix, and Atlanta/ Athens rap group Powerful Minds began an album project at the end of the year.  

Also, this year, I've picked up some mastering work for both local and national acts: Of Montreal, Kevin Kelly, Col. Knowledge & the Lickety Splits, Dave Longstreth, Wishing Tree Records' Silver Sunshine & Eric Matthews, Happy Happy Birthday To Me Volume 3 and Men In Fur.

Thanks to everyone in the whole world for making this the best year yet for Bel*Air Studio!  Here's hoping 2005 sees even cooler stuff hapening!  



I've updated the Albums page.  Go and see what's come out lately!  

I mastered a couple of records for HHBTM lately: Men in Furs and HHBTM vol. 3.  We're all gearing up for the big HHBTM Popfest in Athens next week!  

Visitations finished a new record called Propaganda.  It's political, but be not afraid.  It's not promoting flag burning or anything.  Wait, yes it is.  

The Late BP Helium record, Amok, is STILL DONE!  And set to be released in October on Orange Twin Records


Thanks to everyone who came to the Ten High this month for the Bel*Air Studio Presents night.  Thanks to Ceiling Fan, Homeroom and Casper & the Cookies for playing.  And a extra-whopping huge thanks to Charm School for putting the evening together!  We'll set up another one in Athens soon.  

Since our last communication, Homeroom has begun and finished a record called The Lovers and the Lonely, and are shopping it around.  It was mastered by Glenn Schick.  

The Late BP Helium album is done and mastered by Jeff Capurso at City Mastering!  Soon the world will know what amazing ugliness and beauty has been festering on my hard drive for two-plus years!   

The Shut-Ups arrived last week to begin recording their next album.  I tracked everyone live, and with some corrections and overdubs this should be the most-quickly recorded Shut-Ups in history!  The songs sound great, and the band is very well-rehearsed. 


Hi, everyone.  The 63 Crayons record is back from the factory, and preorders can be made at www.hhbtm.com. New photos are up from the recent David Dault/ Thad Thompson sessions and the marathon Great Lakes session.  

David and Thad's project is currently unnamed, but expect a combination of intense dynamic songs and catchy chugging rockers.  Good stuff.  

The Great Lakes record is coming along nicely, but I don't know if I'm at liberty to disclose any details.  I can tell you who's been in to play on it, I guess.  The list includes Ben Crum, BP Helium, Dan Donahue, Jamie Huggins, Jeff Baron, Kevin Barnes, Dottie Alexander, Heather Macintosh, Matt Stoessel and my neighbor Matt from across the street.  


The Charm School album has been completed, and so has the 63 Crayons record.  Music lovers everywhere should start holding their breath NOW!  


The Late B.P. Helium is back in the studio again working on overdubs for his first full-length album.  

Elf Power spent a couple of days here beginning their next album.  

The Cyndi Harvell Band's debut CD, Moons & Muses, is back from the plant and available on their website.  It is the first album to be recorded from start to finish at the new facility.


We just finished tracking the next 63 Crayons album.  It was a ton of fun and quite an intense five-and-a-half days!  Mixing to be resumed later...

Presently, we have Atlanta band PPR in session.  A little prog, a little punk and a lot of rock. 

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