I was the drummer for Orange Hat for five years (or more?) when I lived in Atlanta.  A couple of years ago we made a movie, Psychedelic Elevator.  The Orange Hat Hour, a television show on Fulton county cable access, followed shortly thereafter, coinciding with our move to Athens.  After a couple of years, Christo, the lead guitarist and video visionary of the band, canned the show probably due to fatigue from the intense amount of work he put into every episode.  He is now concentrating on one show a season.  Regrettably, living in Athens has slowed my Orange Hat participation considerably, but I still do join in when I can.  These photos are from the video shoot for the next Orange Hat special.  Our organist, Kenny Howes, wasn't present at the shoot.  :(

Oy, it's so humid.

Christo & Zeus

photos by Kay Stanton

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